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Vision Boarding: What it can do for you

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Vision Boarding

I have created a slew of vision boards over the years and have been amazed by their effectiveness in assisting our power to create. On one occasion I noticed just how powerful these boards can be. I set out to make a vision board to improve my health and had incredible results. Surrounding myself with old magazines like Family Circle, Oprah, and Readers Digest, I cut out pictures that called to me on a visceral level: images of the best foods to incorporate into my diet, descriptions of the sleep schedule I craved, and pictures of people exercising with the kind of sculpted body I envisioned as my highest ideal.

Did the vision board work like magic? Unbelievably yes, and I swear by its uncanny ability to move stuck energy like nothing else–to unblock those limiting thoughts and toxic situations that are preventing us from manifesting our highest goals. But beware. What we call into our lives with clear intention and deep wanting does manifest in one way or another. And the reason why vision boards work so well is because you are summoning up energy through thought and sound and visioning symbols attached to your desire, just as is used in any good (or dark) ritual that involves prayer, meditation, and even elemental forms of nature.

In my case with my Health Vision Board, I came down with a very severe wheat-allergic reaction, one that landed me in the emergency room and a visit to six different doctors before I managed to get it under control. I worked with a naturopath to regain my balance, and I incorporated a strict diet and returned to my regular exercise schedule in due time. Months late, when I had unexpectedly dropped 30 pounds of weight and bloat, I looked back upon my forgotten vision board project and was amazed. Only the foods that I was allowed on my new diet, (which was extremely limited), were represented on my board which contained a myriad of food pictures. Not only that, but I had a time frame on it and my goal had arrived on my time. I had forgotten the board and the intention and here it was, manifesting in a way I had not expected, and in a way I did not particularly enjoy.

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The ultimate goal was a good one, and I am very thrilled to have attained it regardless of how it arrived in my life. But I learned a valuable lesson. Be careful what you collage in your mind and on paper…it just may take shape and walk off your canvas into being. For more guidance on how to create a vision board, click on the link below:


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