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A Savior God for Spiritual Seekers

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The Mysteries of Spirituality

Up until my college years I was a devout churchgoer abiding by Catholic doctrine. I found it challenging at times but sufficiently rewarding for my spirit. Although happy to receive a rigorously academic Catholic school education, I suffered like so many other Catholics under the guilt complex of not being good enough to achieve heaven. Only more and more good works would prove my worth, and I knew I just didn’t have that holy roller energy in me. Over the passing years, disillusion continued to set in, and Christianity had become a turn off to me. Jesus Christ’s overall representatives were not appealing. If these were Jesus’s most loyal and high-esteemed servants, at the risk of being judgmental, I wasn’t fond of being part of that club. Fervent, insincere evangelicals proselytizing on TV, and hell-breathing fundamentalists scorning and judging all the unholy, wicked ones to their damnation–it downright terrified me. I thought I was a good enough soul, why shouldn’t I get into heaven? I was embarrassed by the molesting priests of the Catholic Church and the stifling rigidity of the Puritanical scourge of our nation. Repulsive to me were the warped outgrowths of Christian-based teachings like Mormonism that embraced far-out twists on Jesus, or the characteristically obsessive, free-lance, bible-thumping Christians who declare Jesus’s name as “Lord and Savior, Amen!” with the fiery frenzy of a wild dog. I wanted to stay as far away as possible from this energy.

After introduction to the almighty liberal arts education I received in college, (which I am deeply thrilled to have had, no matter how much I disagree with many of its tenets of conviction), my mind was opened to an alternative worldview. And I knew learning about this new stuff was important because my “taking Christ as my Lord and Savior” for granted had left me feeling numb and unfulfilled over the years. So, for decades, I devoted my free time and energy to a genuine search for what was truly GOD.

Researching everything I could get my hands on in my spiritual seeking, I was determined to have the truth revealed to me. I learned about traditional bible studies, Catholic Church Canon and history, born-again zealot fundamentalism, atheism and naturalism, ancient alien theories, quantum physics and cosmology, New Thought theology, and spiritual science. I studied Eastern philosophies like Buddhism, Taoism and the Hindu faith; the New Age religions, elemental faiths based on nature, mysticism and the occult. I have studied myth and dreams and the shamanic journey. I have learned a little bit about everything, and a lot about discernment.

Christianity, however, proves to be the most complex mystery to decode. And I tell you why: it is because there is no room for flexibility. As modern day people, we want ultimate flexibility. We want to walk within a concept and then walk out of it, we want fast food spirituality that doesn’t require too much from us and doesn’t get in the way of our ambitions, desires, or far-out ideas. We want it both ways. We want to be able to seduce the evil spirits and then swat them away with incense and good spells.

No, Christianity requires the opposite. It requires a commitment and a faith. It flat out has basic doctrines that if you accept to be true, actually negate many other systems of spirituality. And here are its main indisputable creeds:

1)      God is monotheistic, and the Creator of all.

Translation: This means that many other religions or spiritual systems in which people worship or acknowledge many other deities, from the spiritual hierarchies of Hinduism, to the goddesses and gods of polytheistic, classical Greece, to the pagan ritualism of pre-Christianity in Egypt and Babylon, to the occultism summoning spirit critters of all types. All these categories of admiration are characterized by the “false gods” realm. Thus, they are not GOD. They are opposite God and are led by that beastly dude, Satan. Ok, I’ll call him the Dark Knight for the Comic-con goers.

2)      Jesus= Son of God, thus he is human and Divine simultaneously.

Translation: This means that God, the Creator, assumed the human form as Jesus Christ, (or for gamers, took on an avatar and became incarnate on level 1 on Terrestrial Earth). Equal to God, and now also in human form, he needed to achieve something huge to show people what love really is. He needed to take on a monstrous destiny, namely, to be betrayed by his friends, to die on a bloody cross, and to be crucified with the harmless charge of spreading the message of love. As a result, he cleared our karmic sins to a blank slate, (just as a Dad takes responsibility for his kid’s aberrant behavior that got him into detention), so that we can live forever with him in heaven. No matter how bad our sins are– as long as we acknowledge him as our “savior”—we can get in. (Our shout out to him is really the least we can do). For all you adorable sci-fi, New Agers out there, think of heaven as an “immortal dimension in an alternate, parallel universe.”

So Jesus’s reward? Ascension and the Kingdom.

For lovers of fantasy, this drama can also be represented through the literary use of the White Wizard or Warrior of Light, who takes on the calling of accessing angelic planes led by the whispering force of a higher divinity. Through his best efforts he happily serves for the good of all as a spiritual warrior for the glory of the side of Light (or God). He inwardly commits to weakening the destructive force of evil and darkness, (or Satan), with humility, unbending integrity of spirit, and strength of mind. And to no pride of his own, he wins the keys to the Kingdom.

3)      God shows himself through the Holy Trinity.

Translation: Not only did God, the Creator of everything, (I’ll get into Darwinism in another article), become his own Son, (again, like we become avatars that represent us in a computer game), He is also present today through the actions of the Holy Spirit, which is accessible within us in the here and now. Is the Holy Spirit only to be heard through the traditional reading of a Psalm in a frankincense-filled cathedral? I think not.

Shamans are known to have the ability to bravely step between worlds in order to retrieve vital information for the good of the tribe. I believe that if they are properly spiritually trained, they can be led by the Holy Spirit, (or ancestral guardians or angels), to respond to a higher calling to carry out God’s work. I personally have been able to do this, sometimes without my desire to, (see articles on bipolar disorder). I was able to communicate within the astral plane with energies that were of God and angelic beings who spoke the truth about the Word and of Jesus Christ.

I believe that this Holy Spirit is the “God within” that we so often lovingly hear about in much of today’s inspired spiritual literature. The “God within,” can work as a beautiful semantic substitution for the same Holy Spirit concept. However, this only works if one does not omit any part of the Trinity. That is, in addition to God being the Son and the Holy Spirit, God is ALWAYS the Father. That one’s easy: that huge GOD “Creator” entity exists for real. It’s not just as an energy awareness, (as quantum physics and consciousness science is awesomely beginning to confirm in research worldwide), and it’s not just that intuitive and gentle voice within us. While those states of God are true, He is much more than that. He is an all-knowing and omniscient Dad. I know that one is hard for many psychologists who are still angry at their parents to accept.




Loving the Christian God is a Unique Experience

Many New Age ideologies squeeze Christ’s life into the same category as an unheard of group of “ascended masters,” who have done nothing for the world but meditate their minds into the “oneness” of the ethereal universe. I would venture to say that not one of these self-realized “Christs” fell in love with their persecutors as nobly as Jesus had, all the while praying for their salvation as well as the deliverance of all mankind forevermore. To actually forgive people who can do such harm to you is a miracle indeed; the miracle is not in healing the sick, for doctors do that today, every day. No, it was forgiving his wrongdoers, even as he was almost dead on the cross. Therefore, bottom line, Jesus Loves All. And since he forgave us for all our stupidity and sinfulness, (remember “sin” in Greek means “missing the mark”), then he also “saves.” He carried out his destiny to save us from our sins. He was committed to fulfilling God’s will. Simple. Let’s not get all dramatic about it. He did it, he really did it.

I have learned to integrate my understanding of other spiritual philosophies and science theories with Christianity because of this Trinity concept. Scientifically, we can now affirm that our reality is multidimensional and matter on the quantum level is paradoxically in two locations at once. So therefore, God is within every dimension, and He is form and without form at the same time. He is local and non-local, and His consciousness is everywhere, thus omniscient. Current theories have moved away from Chaos theory and moved closer to the concept of universal order. Thus, as Einstein believed, “God does not play dice,” or more to the point, God is perfect.

After much consideration over the years, it is easier for me to acknowledge these days God’s threefold existence. Yet this acceptance of God, as much as it incorporates holistic spiritual systems, is not equal to the New Age concept of “Christ Consciousness.” Loving God as the Father is not the same as loving our possible future god-selves that are evolving and ascending into our entitled, natural state of godhood. This concept of self-perfection, self-ascension and accountability only to our higher Selves is the single biggest problem with the New Age movement. We are not gods. God is God. And this lack of acknowledgement for something divinely larger than ourselves causes much of the evil in the world to take over, tipping the scale. It is more of a relief to believe in a Savior God who lovingly forgives us for our imperfections, just as we forgive our own children for their shortcomings, than to assume redemption unto ourselves. Being alone responsible for our own salvation based on the potency of our mental willfulness is not only arrogant, but small-minded.

It is not enough to know the forces of evil exist without wishing to counteract them, and it is even worse to ignore them as an “illusion.” We must instead call into our world the forces of heaven so that we can be spiritual warriors in protecting the Divine Kingdom—a heaven on Earth restored for good people who keep the laws of God.

Yes, we are sinners, and that is by no means the kind of self-loathing religiously obsessed statement that the entire psychological self-help movement would have us believe. Rather, it’s just an accurate understanding of what it means to be human. We make mistakes, sometimes dreadful ones, but humbling ourselves enough to ask for forgiveness is how we are “saved.” The meek do have the exclusive rights to the Kingdom, after all. But this choice is given to ALL. God allows us to choose our reality. Do we want to repeat the sin of Lucifer and cling to the greatest sin? Do we wish to repeat the Fall of Man? Being arrogant enough to believe we are gods? Or can we humble ourselves enough to hand over the trophy to the Lord Almighty?

We have seen throughout human history what happens to those who think they are gods. They are the Hitlers and the Stalins, the political oppressors of India’s former caste system and South Africa’s apartheid. They are on our very soil in America’s Federal Reserve System and New World Order planners. They are not the slaves but the slave-scourging masters of cotton plantations regardless of how often they professed the “Word of the Lord.” They are the self-absorbed, mad scientists of today, proponents of such new developing sciences like trans-humanism– a modern-day version of Eugenics, which can surely lead particular groups of people down the road to extinction. They believe their own glory, their own endeavors, and their own genius, are essential to lifting up mankind to its higher form. They give no credit to God. And they always lose.

On the flip side, I have met many people in my lifetime who were at times possessed with an evil demon inside of them, (and I had been one of them time and time again), but were much more worthy of eternal life than many so-called spiritually superior people. And I believe that as Jesus came across these souls as well, perhaps in his spending time with even the prostitutes and tax collectors, he loved these sinners deeply for their simplicity of heart. But if indeed what Jesus was saying was true, which every self-professed, bible-thumping born-again Christian would swear by, if he is our Lord of the Earth and of Heaven, if he is the Savior of all mankind, the Alpha and Omega, and the End Times Hero, then so much of the enlightening stuff I had learned throughout my years of spiritually seeking was wrong. And maybe some of it is. At least it’s not the whole truth.

I am learning to discern. In our records of history, metaphysics and religion, there are aspects worth discarding, some worth keeping, and others just better than the rest. Not all metaphysical concepts are equal in merit, nor equal in truth. I am learning to separate the chaff from the wheat. And I continue to grow in my understanding of soul and spirit, of our immortal destiny and our required humility. In absorbing a little of everything into my wisdom, I have learned about the One and have come full circle. It is our responsibility to learn about the good and the darkness, the truth and the lies, the indisputable versus the contestable. And in learning and opening ourselves to everyone’s perceptions of the whole, and then interweaving the most important pieces together, we understand God’s ultimate plan a little more and more with every additional color added to the canvas. And that is what is meant by “we are one.” God wants that for us more than anything. He wishes for His children to come together into one Kingdom of Love.

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