Dec 23

Our Human DNA Code


It continually mesmerizes me…

In my night dreams and daydreams, in my visions and in my communication with God, the magnitude of its meaning rests always upon me.

Darwinists claim it holds the proof of evolution. Creationists believe the code is the ultimate example of God’s perfect design.  And Ancient Alien theorists find in it clues left behind from gods of yesteryear who tinkered with our code to create something new, for better or for worse.

Check out how Transhumanists are convinced Human DNA can be improved upon:



It is the ultimate mystery holding the most complex of answers.

Some ancient Egyptian experts say that understanding of the double helix was revealed in early hieroglyphics and preserved through the mystery schools for thousands of years way before Crick and Watson’s discovery.

Below the following radio interview shows an interesting point of view that researchers like Tom Horn and Steve Quayle hold, using theories based on references in the bible. Namely, it regards DNA manipulation of mankind before “the days of Noah” in Genesis 6,  which refer to the Nephilim, (or fallen angels).



Social Darwinism emerged from DNA fascination, which led to Eugenics, which then influenced Naziism. Each day the implications of genetic inheritance, (of either illnesses, characteristics or talents), continue to support the billions of dollars poured into the Human Genome Project. Our fascination with our Human DNA drives every one of us in some deep unconscious way, even if it’s simply wishing for a change of eye color. Below is part 1 of 4 parts of an informative documentary film on the history of the relationship between evolutionism, Social Darwinism, racism, and eugenics.


For even more, go to my YouTube page, Crazy Redemption, and subscribe. Many additional video links are there which cover a wide range of aspects regarding our Human DNA Code.



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