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I am…a writer, an artist, a body painter, a native New Yorker, a shamanic warrior, and a truth seeker. If you have discovered my blog, we probably share some of the same ideas, wishes, and points of view.
I am also an anti-psychiatry campaigner, (as I have suffered under psychiatry’s royal crown of thorns), and have written a book that tells my story, entitled, Not As Crazy As You Think–hence the name of my website.
I can go on about me here, or you can just peruse my site and learn about me there.

Thanks for finding me!

My Blog

It is time for a paradigm shift, an awakening from slumber, a renewal of spirit. The world is thirsty for a  holy revealing and a balanced dialogue. These new conversations need to begin somewhere, and their energy is urgently pressing to the surface, peeking out from beneath the veil of lies. My blog will address a …

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