Body Notes, NYC Times Square, June 9, 2017

Body Notes, NYC Times Square, June 9, 2017

What a blast! On June 9, 2017 over 100 models stripped and lent their skin to us bodypainters to create a public group art project in Times Square.  The event received international press and inspired onlookers across the mid-town Manhattan theater district. The project was inspired by NYC artist Matthew Chavez who is also known as the Subway Therapist. Stationed in subways all over the city, he asks his guests who sit at his “therapy” table to write down a saying to express themselves or share a personal message on sticky notes, which Matthew describes as giving “people an opportunity to transform their stress into something beautiful.” NYC bodypainter Andy Golub decided to use this idea to create Body Notes, asking models to choose their own personal message to share, and over 20 artists came together to bodypaint these messages on our models. It was an event of painting and getting painted as everyone told their story and became empowered, thus empowering the crowds at large.


Human Connection Arts, the arts organization that organized the event, hosted a talk called “Brushes with the Law” where Matthew Chavez and Ron Kuby spoke about the importance of speaking out in the arts even if it can sometimes be dangerous involving the law.

Matthew Chavez started going out into the subway in May 2016, which he records in his book, Signs of Hope: Messages From Subway Therapy. He says he started the project to help people feel less stress and connect with their community, and it is his hope that his book will inspire people to explore new pathways of expression and understanding. Learn more at:


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Salon Article and Video: WATCH: The brave nude world of a body-painting artist: “When people see naked people in public, they’re disarmed” Andy Golub opens up about the transformative power of the bare body when used as a canvas.



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