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I got into body painting when I was trying to make extra cash as a stay-at-home mom. As an artist I was a vendor at festivals trying to sell decorative paintings for children’s rooms. I couldn’t sell one painting after a whole season of shows. At one particular show I saw someone face painting and I said, “Wait, I can do that.” Thus, my booth was completely transformed into a face painting booth, and I’ve been doing it ever since.

When I started to broaden my skill set in the craft, I began going to people-painting conventions where I had a chance to learn from the masters. Body painting was only an up and coming art form, and I was very lucky to have worked very closely with many amazingly talented face and body artists then who are now today the best in their field, including Mark Reid, Lawren Alice, Wiser Oner, Alison Kenyon, Sean Avram and many more.

Today I paint adults for the night scene, private parties, corporate events and advertising. Please review my portfolio links to the work I’ve done. I am available for hire for private canvas sessions, bourdoir and prenatal belly art. For gig and client related inquiries, please email:










Somers Body Painter Ready for International Competition

Somers Artist Uses Human Body as Her Canvas

Somers Artist Develops A Body Of Work


My Portfolio:



2013 Philadelphia Body Painting Competition

  It was the 2013 Tattoo Convention in Philly and Gallery ML, the notable body art gallery of the Northeast, decided to host a body painting competition. Much to my surprise I landed 2nd in the main competition and won 1st place People’s Choice. A thrillride for sure.. During my preparation, a reporter from The …

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2016 North American Bodypainting Championship, Living Art America

Model: Jessica Monroe          

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2016 NYC Halloween Parade with Andy Golub

Check out the write-up in on the event by Peter Cooper: On Halloween, nudity is an art form: Parade float celebrates beauty of human form with body paint And his video:  

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9-11 10 year anniversary Bodypainting Tribute in NYC

 Learn about the inspiration behind our 2011 Bodypainting Tribute to 9/11 by viewing the words of Tommy’s poem:   “It’s Been Ten Years (Remembering 9-11)” Battery Park, NYC September 9, 2011 Battery Park, NYC September 9, 2011 Bodypainting Tribute to 9/11  First Responders and Victims     In honor of the ten year anniversary of 9/11, …

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Behind the Scenes: Refinery 29 and Bodypainting Day

Last month, I had the incredible opportunity to link up with the infamous NYC body painter Andy Golub to participate in his third annual NYC Bodypainting Day, a convergence of 100 fully nude models and 75 painters at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in Manhattan, which was held on July 9th. The whole purpose of the event …

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Lucie Fink’s You Tube series: 5 Days of Art

When Lucie Fink from Refinery29 asked me to paint her up for her latest You Tube video: 5 Days of Art, I jumped at the chance. In this series, Lucie picks something that she will explore for 5 days of Productivity. We got to shoot on a beautiful day this summer on top of the …

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Philadelphia Magazine Body Painting Photo Shoot

    Philly paving a way for body painting since 2011…     The first time I met Lawren Alice, world-acclaimed body artist extraordinaire, I was taking a body art class at the gallery she curated, Gallery ML, in Old City Philadelphia, one of the two galleries in the world devoted exclusively to body painting. …

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The Documentary: Art As Air Covers NYC’s 3rd Annual Bodypainting Day

When I began to body paint, I first heard about Andy Golub when my mother handed me an article from the Daily News and said, “this one’s about some guy who’s getting arrested because he’s trying to paint full-out naked women in the middle of Times Square. You’d probably like him.” In his journey as …

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