Brainwash University

To be honest, we don’t know what is real.

We make a choice to believe what we wish to be true. Then, we find evidence in our everyday lives to support it. We may further support our theories using evidence that other people have discovered and recorded in their own lives, whether through stories or through study.  But are we swayed towards a certain point of view because of our prior conditioning? What is really the truth? What can we depend on as being real? Sometimes answers to those questions emerge when we carefully examine what isn’t true or real. Even if it goes against everything we were led to believe in the first place.

The Wake-up Call

In this Brainwash University section, I will share my own beliefs on such matters, and then you decide what you believe. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own investigation. I believe that much of what we learn in education, in politics, and in the media are filled with lies in order to manipulate people into marching to the beat of a particular drummer. As much as we might want to believe, we are not naturally marching to our own beat, because it is an uphill battle to do so. We just don’t have the time, the money or the freedom to explore our own beat adequately and honestly. And that, my friends, is because the professors and administrators of Brainwash University designed it that way. Check out my YouTube page at Crazy Redemption to also see some great videos on such topics.

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