Gallery of Artwork Available to Angel Donors of $50+

Thank You!



Thank you for helping me make my dream a reality! And an extra special thank you to all those Angel donors of $50 or more. I must find a way to give back to such generous donors because you have made a significant difference in helping me achieve my goal. Your awesome support is deeply appreciated.

All the following paintings and prints on canvas are available to choose from. After submitting your donation, please select the one you wish to claim and send me an email at: with “Go Fund Me Angel” in the subject heading. In the body tell me the title of the painting you would like me to hold for you. Pick-ups only. No drop-offs or mailings. If there is a special circumstance regarding picking up, explain that in the email. Thanks again for supporting the artists!!! We can’t do it without you!

 *Many paintings have been claimed, but these are the ones left:

Sunburst Maya, acrylic, 16 x 20


Golden Gaze, acrylic, 16 x 20


Verde Wrap, acrylic, 16 x 20

Indian Shaman, acrylic, 30 x 40

Playful in Pink, first and only print on canvas, 11 x 13

Diana, oil, 30 x 36

Deco Cig, first and only print on canvas, 20 x 24

Laugh At You, oil, 24 x 36

Ganesh, first and only print on canvas, 20 x 24


Marti Hat, first and only print on canvas, 16 x 20

Oya, oil, 24 x 36

Phoenix Rising, oil, 30 x 36

Scream, acrylic, 16 x 20

Vamp Drip, acrylic, 16 x 20


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