My Letter in Response to Social Media Censorship

truthAs Facebook has a strong reputation in not responding to reports of a problem, I have decided to publicly publish my letter so that others know how censorship takes place on social media. The following article, My Story On Meds, was removed from Facebook, and I was never notified with any explanation as to why. Click on the article and give it a read, and please comment on whether or not YOU think it should be censored.


My Story On Meds


June 30, 2016

To whomever it may concern,

I never thought I would witness the day when my constitutional rights as a free American would be violated by an entity as self-aggrandizing as Facebook when it comes to protecting free speech and intellectual property, but I see that day has finally arrived.

Today, as every day, I went over my likes and comments to my posts. I am particularly involved with this process right now because I am using Facebook to get my story out there as I have just written a memoir, one that will help many people’s lives in an inspiring way. So today, when I scrolled down to revisit what someone had said to me on a posting I made a little over a week ago, you can imagine my surprise when it had disappeared overnight. The posting described an article I had written on my blog entitled, “My Story On Meds.” I got over 50 likes on the posting and 22 comments. It was a most important achievement for me because I am just coming out with my story, and I need a place where I can safely hold an open forum to discuss such matters respectfully. It meant a lot to receive positive reviews through the comments of my friends who said I was brave, beautiful, and wise. I was also thrilled that I was able to publicly thank each person for their kind words, and further share, and thus show my voice as a budding author. I trusted that my intellectual property was safe on Facebook. But I was wrong.

I knew I published the posting on June 21st so I kept looking. It must be here, I thought. But it was gone. Not only was the posting gone, but every single comment as well as all my responses to those comments were erased from my activity log. And no, I did not accidentally delete it.  I had more activity on my Facebook page containing comments to me and my replies on June 21st and June 22nd than I’ve had in years, and now I have no documentation of that activity. These were the two days when my website received over 400 visits from people on Facebook because of the posting’s link. I thought to look at my emails where I have a Facebook folder that accumulates all the notifications. On one of the comment notifications, when I clicked the “View on Facebook” button, I was brought to a page saying it had been removed. I received absolutely no notification of this measure that was taken against me. I had to discover the painful truth on my own.

Many of us use Facebook as a way to record our work. I am a writer with a message. I have a right to share my opinions and feelings without being harassed and bullied by a censorship committee who declares that only certain people have a right to share their personal experiences. Every single one of those comments was a compliment to my writing and in no way was anything said that was offensive or inappropriate. I did not slander, I did not use profanity, I did not inflict injury on anyone, and neither did anyone else. I am trying to exercise my basic First Amendment right of Free Speech, and I am led to believe that Facebook is a good platform to do such a thing. I worked very hard on that article with the intention of posting its link on Facebook. There were many people’s lives who I touched with my words with proof of the 22 comments that were highly complementary and encouraging.

But somehow, you have decided that my words that can inspire others do not matter. You have chosen to erase my words from existence as well as everyone’s discussion about my work. In doing what you did, you have violated my intellectual property. With my responses to those comments I was increasing my exposure to operate as a more successful writer—one who can show a fan base that can offer thoughtful responses. There were discussions being had about an important topic, and you felt that topic was not worthy of its place among Facebook’s pages—its nonsensical, foolish pages filled with insults of Trump, cat videos, and selfies galore. Here I go and try to say something of value, something that clearly moved many readers, and you have decided I cannot be included in the club.

By removing this posting from my timeline, you have made it impossible for me to ever go back and review the first few congratulatory words from dear friends on the pages of my wall. Forever, those sentiments are extinguished. The Free Press Clause in the First Amendment protects publication of information and opinions. I had information that was valuable in that posting, and my opinions were valid. Even if you may not like what I have to say, I thought I had the right to speak and be heard in a free country.

I expect you to acknowledge my First Amendment right of Free Speech to share my story and restore this posting to my wall. If you cannot prove to me that I violated your terms and conditions, and someone at your level cannot restore it, I will go to the next level to speak to someone who can. And if I receive no cooperation, I will make a point of sharing this story as well, and as I continue to gain stride in acquiring my fans, many will learn about Facebook’s fraudulent claim on non-censorship.

Please get back in touch with me as soon as possible on this matter. I need to better understand this situation.


Jennifer Gaita Siciliano





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