Christ Matters


I have some news for you…Christ Matters.

For the most part, I live in the same waking world as everyone else. And like everyone else I have clung to truth as it is revealed to me through my own experiences. As an open-minded experiential learner, I have  tested many of these “truths” and have come away with revised versions of what I consider to be ultimate truth again and again. And I have concluded in my discovery, as much as my liberal-minded predisposition wants to deny, there is but only one truth.

I will explore in this section of Christ Matters the truth as revealed to me by many dealings with the Holy Spirit–namely, that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. Further, that we have fallen deep into an unconscious slumber of forgetting our place in the grand scheme of creation–that we are God’s children and that our ancient paths of history tell a most incredible story, one that we must pay attention to if we are to truly rediscover our destiny that God has created for us.

Weighing Good and Evil…same or opposing forces?

This ultimate truth I speak of contains aspects of both good and bad, both beautiful and ugly. But that doesn’t mean that all ideas in the ultimate truth are equally good and bad, or equally ugly and beautiful, like some interpretations of the Tao might suggest. No, not all things are equal, and no, not all things are both good and evil in a balanced proportion in the universe. Evil is not just there to help us know what good is, so that we may know both good and bad, and therefore know what God is, because God is all that is. This my friends, is circular New Age jargon. And it is erroneous. In fact, there IS, in ultimate truth, such a thing as dualism. There is both good and evil in the universe directly opposed to each other, and sometimes, as we have seen in certain points in history, the bad outweighs the good. You may not want to hear this, but it is today that the final war is being waged by evil forces for our very souls. One thing I know for sure, which enables me to sleep at night, is that the good always prevails. But we must support the good and not ignore the evil, or else evil can seep into every crevice and eventually destroy the foundation of all that once was good.

We have all felt that we have received guidance or intuition from a deep knowing within. But these spiritual messages are guided by both the Lord’s angels in the Holy Spirit and Satan’s rebellion. One spreads truth, and the other spreads deceit and empty promises of things that we wish to be true, but what the bible calls, “doctrines of devils.” False belief systems cannot be sustained long-term. Lies eventually reveal themselves through a breakdown in less sustaining systems. In spiritual matters, discernment is key.


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How does it all connect?

All faith and spirituality sit within an extremely wide spectrum, and many traditions have overlap in morality and doctrine. A shared thread of truth is woven through them all, and at the same time, each one has something unique to offer us in adding to our grand understanding of the workings of the universe. But while spiritual diversity embraces the valuable aspects of every belief system, we must consider the philosophical ideologies within the traditions and determine if their sources were indeed always inspired by God, the highest source of wisdom and love, or a mere copy of such. I have struggled for decades filtering through a heap of spiritual rubble, trying to discern the inspired messages in the holy realm apart from the ethereal, but deceptive spirit noise.

I have high esteem for many Eastern religious doctrines in the mystical traditions of Buddhism and  Taoism, for instance, but their understanding about God is limited to what seems to support today’s emerging science in energy and consciousness. Native Americans who understood  well the Great Spirit and the blessedness of God’s creation may have commenced with angels in what they described as star people or spirit brothers, but they never knew of Jesus. Many indigenous tribal shamans who walked between worlds, (specifically those who raised their spiritual awareness out of the witch doctor role into the role of mediator between mental realms and spirit planes for the good of the tribe), have confirmed the reality of multidimensional realms; but they delved into the underworld more often than the one above, spiraling many good shamans toward their descent into madness.

Having formerly been one who was completely immersed in the New Age belief system, I am convinced many of these New-Agers kindly wish to include everyone in the world into the good hand-basket, which they earnestly believe could never go to this “imaginary” place of hell, for God is so filled with love that he would never allow such a thing. In the same vein, despite its underlying political motives, the Catholic ecumenical movement appeals to many Catholics because it aligns with Jesus’ wish to let as many people as possible into his Father’s kingdom. It feels like the Christian thing to do. But in accepting all and everything on an equal level, haven’t we bought into the muddiest shade of grey and committed to nothing at all? All traditions have something to say and reveal to us, yet, not all are equal in ultimate truth.


How did it all begin…?

As a re-awakened Christian, (the born-again title for me has one too many negative connotations), I will assert what many astronomers cling to as fact. Namely, that the universe is so highly complex, that mathematically it is almost a miracle that we even exist. Among intellectual circles it appears juvenile to assert as true the claim in the Holy Bible that God created all that we know. At least it feels counter intuitive due to our atheistic influenced convictions in evolution. But in using Occam’s Razor, (the theory which states that when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better), believing in Intelligent Design and/ or Creationism over evolution is the more practical and simpler approach to understanding all of humankind and the universe.

The assumption that God was the Creator was not used as a starting premise in the scientific community during the period of history when we began to support the theory of evolution. Atheism was on its rise in academic circles and influenced the minds of many of the most prominent men in academia. Yet believing in God is not fantastical as many atheists insist. We have much more historical evidence from the bible that we know to be true, but how long are we going to search in blind faith for this missing link? Especially since no fossil to this date has ever been found that conclusively supports the claim of evolution that one species becomes another.

After going down many wrong paths, through God’s grace I have been given more than one chance to correct my ways. I have studied a great deal on the subject of spirituality, and I continue to commit myself to knowing truth. Above all things, I positively know with utmost certainty that the atheists are wrong. God exists. Period. Even science, the equivalent of religion for the atheists, is revealing this more and more. Beyond the obvious though, many traditions, several of which the New Age is completely built upon, believe that through spiritual evolution, we can become gods. As much as the New Age channeled information would have us believe, WE are not gods. We never can be. The moment when you realize this, you join Christ’s army and reject the god of this world, Lucifer. Remember, this is the opening chapter of the bible. The serpent tempts Eve telling her that she and Adam can become gods if she eats the apple picked from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is a dreadful lie. It brings upon the entire fall of man and our eviction from the Garden of Eden. And yet, we are seeing history repeat itself in the most important book of the Bible, the one we are actually living in right now, the book of Revelations, the last chapter of human history. People, it is a story. We are in it. We have always been in it. And it’s the greatest story ever told.

We are here in this material realm on this Earth not to meditate into an ever growing expansion of divine “such-ness” and ascend into personal godhood. We are here to be part of the glorious struggle between good and evil. The heavenly drama that God has created for his children who wish to be his. The epic offers us freedom to choose. But we must choose wisely. Because the results have already been established long ago in God’s imagination. This drama is drawing to a close, and it is time now to humble ourselves before the Lord and submit to his rule. It is our souls we must save before the final curtain.




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